Causes of Sensitivity

Causes Of Sensitivity

Causes Of Sensitivity

What is Enamel Wear?

Enamel is the hard outermost surface of a tooth. Although it’s harder than any other substance in the body, over time it can gradually wear away to expose the dentine beneath, which may lead to tooth sensitivity.

Enamel wear can be caused by:

What is Enamel Wear?

Tooth Grinding

Do you grind your teeth, either at night or during the day? If so, you may be wearing down the enamel, which over time can expose the underlying dentine.

Tooth Brushing

If you brush too frequently or too hard, eventually your tooth enamel may be worn away or you could develop receding gums.

To prevent this ask your dentist or hygienist for advice on the best tooth brushing technique and oral hygiene routine for you, and try using a soft-bristled toothbrush

Acid Erosion

Tip: Your dentist can spot the early signs of tooth wear so it's important to go for regular dental check ups. If you think you might be at rist of enamel wear, talk to your dentist.